Who's in Control this Year?

Clients always talk about control "issues". Mostly other peoples :)

We all have control issues, so let's get over it :) The important part is knowing what yours are and how to use them to your advantage. It's also really great to know what they are so you can own them instead of having others be annoyed by them and calling you out for them.

I call myself out all the time on my control issues -  I'm including you today! Confession - I love a neat house! Why? Because

It makes me feel in control

 it gives me a sense of peace and

it allows me to focus.

How can I not appreciate this control issue when it serves me so well? 

Here was the office mess from last year that I needed to deal with this week before I started the new year and could think clearly ~

Because I am in control of my paperwork and my agenda for the year to come, I put this mess to bed in less than 2 hours. I have a new system for the year to keep my mess in control and I love the feeling of starting fresh.

What I realize more than ever this year is that my joy and creative energy are tied to my actions, the way I organize my days and how I set my agenda. I am ready for the year to come! I'll leave you with this quote I received serendipitously at a retreat late last year. I'm pretty sure I'm embodying this now. 

What are your control issues? How aware are you of them? Ask a trusted friend for some feedback on this one and just listen. Take it all in and just consider what they might see that you don't. Feel free to share one with me in the comments here. I won't feel alone in my confession :)

What are you doing for yourself this year to become more aware of your habits, of what holds you back, of your control issues? Do you feel in control of your agenda, your life and the stuff you are responsible for? I'd love to have you be a part of my online program to  Live Your Inner Power - understand what your control issues are and really get in the driver's seat of your life. You can learn more here. We launch in just a couple weeks!