Consciously Seeking Joy

Years ago I was defined by sadness. I felt so much pain, both my own and that of the world around me.

As an empath, I feel others emotional pain when they are around. The good news is I also tap into the joy that is around me too. Now I realize I can choose what I want more of and focus my attention and engagement there.

This year I am consciously seeking, allowing, embracing, embodying and redefining joy in my life. As I observe joy and when it's happening, I see that joy comes through and from little things more often than not.  Joy lifts me up throughout the day as I engage with it consciously.

Like –

Pink hyacinths on my desk – the fragrance is joyful!



Playing Bach in the background as I write creatively – the sound brings me joy

Images that I love – sparking my creativity – when I find one to share – it’s a JoyBurst

My first sip of tea every morning – JOY!

Moving my body and feeling strong in my being elicits joy and makes me want to move more

Morning meditation when I enter the silence - Joy of all JOY

Heartfelt JOY arises readily when I connect with loved ones and we laugh - and cry - together 

My birthday a couple of years ago. Can you tell I'm loving the company?

My birthday a couple of years ago. Can you tell I'm loving the company?


All of these are sensual experiences, not intellectual exercises. I often talk about how we live through the mind in the Western culture. No wonder, we often lack joy, really experiencing and reveling in Joy.

Want more joy? Try focusing on your heart, less in your mind. Simply notice when you are thinking and caught in mental drama. Then take your willing attention, and bring into your heart, look around and wonder, what will bring me joy right now?

And yes, if you focus on your heart you will feel all feelings more. Sadness included. If you are not allowing joy in your life because of your fear of sadness, I am here to help with that. Courageously going after the life you want means you must open your heart and not filter the comings and goings of emotion.

Daily joy  - it's a way of life that's attainable.