What if your life purpose isn’t about Doing something?

What if your life purpose isn’t about Doing something?

Stay with me and imagine.

Last week I led a workshop and was talking with women about how to live comfortably in your own skin. I made a statement that really resonated with them.

“I think that what is important to women is how we feel and how we connect with others, so the search for a life purpose that is about Doing something may be like chasing the wind.”

What if we focused on feeling good – whatever feelings those are and started to organize our life around those actions and routines that brought about positive feelings? Does that feel revolutionary to you?

My life went from a chronic state of inner sadness to feeling freedom inside to choose, and then the scary adventure of choosing again and again to move towards what feels right and true for me. My life purposes are about having intimate connections so I feel understood and loved, about feeling peaceful as my consistent backdrop, and about feeling alive and impassioned about my life in a day-to-day way.

Why is it a scary adventure for choosing again and again to move towards what feels right and true for me? Because I am always taking risks and that has a fear edge to it. Whether it’s about saying something to my spouse or friend that I am afraid they won’t really like, or it’s about deciding to take a path with my work that means I don’t know how to get to the end result, it’s a risk. And also peaceful because I live truthfully to me.

Yes, I am Doing - and feel like I have purpose everyday. But my greatest purpose is to feel good and affect everyone around me positively, to give them space to invite what they truly want forward. Because that’s what I see makes a real difference in how we are living as a community, whether it’s work or family. Each day I remind myself that everything is a choice. How I show up and what I feel like makes the day either good or bad. I can choose.

If you are looking for your life purpose, direction or calling, or simply something more to life than what you are experiencing right now, determine what you want to feel, what you want your relationships to feel like and then get to the business of organizing your life towards bringing those feelings into your life as a way of life. What you do or want to do will show up as a result. 

Focus on the feeling of being, not the doing, and see what shifts.

If you want support in this process and a method to get there quickly, seriously consider my Live Your Inner Power Program that will be available online this January. Details are here. We’re building a community of women who are living their inner power and creating lives they feel really really good about!