What exactly is bliss? or How mindfulness can bring bliss

I awaken on Saturday morning and it’s early, before dawn. My energy is good, I can feel the pull to arise and commune with my higher Self. This morning I head to the kitchen, put tea pot on to boil, and I do my head and neck Qi Gong exercises. Ever since my thyroid imbalance and a “chronic diagnosis” I do all that I am aware of to balance the energy in this part of my body hoping to avoid medication, treatment, even the dreaded burning out of the thyroid. So far, success. That’s another story for another day.

Sitting in quiet my breath leads me inward, I let my mind do it’s usual round of what’s ahead today and then call it back. After 25 years of sitting nearly daily, I relish the feeling of simply being in myself, with myself, alone. Nothing blissful necessarily happens – but it’s still a blissful experience. The bliss is the knowing that I have recommitted to Me through the action of meditation again today. This bliss is a silent, ever-pervasive freedom of being In Me fully, present and comfortable in my inner balance.

The day unfolds, one event at a time and I blissfully move through each one. This is the first of what will be more spring days to come. This one seems particularly perfect. The grass is deep green, my garden is budding, bulbs are blooming. It smells so good - that earthy clear smell I remember from childhood. My husband gets to the work of building three small rock walls in the garden beds. I putter about the yard, cleaning up, building a fire, burning debris, organizing pots, stakes, feeding roses. I perch on a bench or a chair in between activities and look at the yard, watch my husband whom I adore. I bring him coffee, me tea. We admire his work. The morning slowly passes. And I am acutely aware of the beauty, the inner calm, the pleasure all this brings me. This is a quiet bliss that in peak moments I can’t help but exclaim – this day is perfect.

Off to lunch in the convertible to meet my daughter and her boyfriend, I am yet again awash in the pleasure of the perfect temperature and the fresh air. We have a picnic in the park and visit for an hour. I am sitting across from a tree that could be a hundred years old. It’s trunk and branches create a circular look with its width seemingly equal to its height. As we leave I feel the bliss of my sacred relationships, the joy of truly relishing the company of loved ones, the beauty of nature around me.

A few errands accomplished and we head home. Resting on the deck, reading and enjoying the sun, I can’t help but feel the deep restorative bliss that comes from my home; the space I nurture that feels like it nurtures me back. It holds me in its organized and clean company because I need it that way to support my clarity and my comfort. Taking care of my home is so much about taking care of me, of my marriage, of creating a space for bliss to emerge. All the energy I expend to care for my home is an investment in my inner life and my relationships. It’s the day-to-day bliss of loving home and hearth, and feeling the joy that comes through these on-going practices of self-care, of maintaining my home base.

Bliss – complete happiness, spiritual joy, says the dictionary here at my computer. Yes, I feel it. And the feeling comes through the practice of mindfulness. Of knowing what makes me happy, what causes a connection to a feeling of more, of depth and vibrancy to life. It comes through bringing my full attention, the full Me to each moment. I feel the gratefulness at the end of the day for my meditation, my mindfulness practice. A day of bliss is one of the peak benefits of my daily meditation practice. I am ever grateful for the commitment I keep to me.

I'd love to hear from you about your mindfulness practice or the desire to begin one. What joy have you experienced lately through mindfulness? What need do you want fulfilled? Mindfulness just might be your answer.