What exactly are You agreeing to?

Many years ago I was not a happy person. There was much about my life that was good, but inside I was not relaxed and comfortable. I was anything but peaceful. I had been agreeing to a life that was not about the real me.

People mistakenly believe that it’s luck or good fortune that brings about feeling good inside. I think inner peace comes through consistent, repetitive action.

As I seriously consider my “happy” inner life, I realize that I have made some agreements about how I will conduct myself. These are active steps bring about the “good” life I enjoy today.

I have 10 agreements - that I have made and that I keep - for living a peaceful inner life.

My agreements are ~


This is how I maintain the agreements.

When I hear my voice, out loud or in my mind, being self-critical, I replace my words with words of love and kindness. When I hear my voice, out loud or in my mind, being judgmental, to anyone or anything, I am quiet and focus on my breath.

My feelings and thoughts have guidance for me and I know how to work with these vital energies masterfully. When I feel stuck, I commit to discovering the old belief or pattern that is out of alignment with who I truly am and I shed it.

I devote a chosen amount of time daily to sit in silence and listen inwardly.

I break the cultural pattern of making what I do the definition of who I am. Instead I focus on having my actions express who I am at my essence.

I choose those who I place in my inner circle as people who offer me honesty and encouragement to grow into my full potential. I know my values that relate to my highest potential and promote these values through my self-expression.

Knowing that life is a process and everything is connected, I release attachment to controlling any outcomes. Instead I immerse myself in living in the present moment and being fully alive and awake to all that is within and around me. 

All of these are habitual patterns that I created to lead my life. I had to replace self-defeating patterns with these new ones to enjoy the life I have today.

Here is a PDF so that you can download the agreements  ~ 

We live in a world that continues to cultivate behaviors that create more anxiety and more fear. You have to make a big commitment and step outside the general flow to create an empowered and joyful way of living.  

I’d love to hear which agreements seem the most important to you. Post a comment and let’s support each other to create more peace and less fear.