2015 Highlights and Lowlights for Laurel

Have you done your 2015 review yet?

In order to assimilate the past year fully, release any unnecessary energy from moving forward with you, and to own your growth without it “defining” you, reviewing your year helps.

This year my review came out as highlights and lowlights. The highlights are my celebrations, the accomplishments and the joyful peaks of the year’s flow. The lowlights are the challenges, the “life” that happened as I lived fully and reached to experience my full potential. These were the difficult bits that I used to help me be more present, more accepting and more compassionate.

This process makes your whole year important and useful, helping you zero in on how to live a life that feels good every day!

Here's a peek at my highlights and lowlights for 2015. 

Celebrations! The highlights…

I published my first book! Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power has been made its way out into the US, England and New Zealand! My sales are slow going but they have been continuous and that has warmed my heart. I have heard wonderful stories about how my book has helped and so that means one thing to me – success J You can buy a copy here.

My first grandchild was born on May 30, 2015 – River Ruth Lewis. Of course she is special, beautiful, and has won my heart in new ways. Yes, grandchildren are different than children! I was elated for my daughter who wanted to be a mother in a huge and passionate way. To see her blossom in motherhood has been a great joy. I love this new phase of motherhood even more than grand-motherhood, watching my daughter beam in happiness!

My first group of Courageous Women completed the Live Your Inner Power pilot program and I can only say – wow! We had an amazing group dynamic that has taken on a life of its own as we gather regularly to witness our ongoing growth and celebrate life together. Enroll in the Live Your Inner Power online program and join this transformational community.

The women in my Conscious Leadership Mastermind had solid success and big aha’s as they achieved goals and we supported one another monthly with cheering and affection. Woohoo!!! Next year is shaping up to be another fabulous group experience. You can still request an invitation to the 2016 group. Send your request to laurel@liveyourinnerpower.com.

My husband and I won the distinction of being included in the Circle of Excellence as our Child Development center was honored with this award in 2015. This is my husband’s primary work focus and I, a support player. I like to think of myself as the Chief Happiness Officer, involved in the planning and growth of creating an atmosphere where people enjoy their work environment, feel supported and cared for, appreciated and acknowledged for their important work. We want our families to feel that we are one big family community who truly care about one another, because we do.

I returned to the re-birthed Women’s Center for Wellness, now called Authentic Women Circle, centered in Ogunquit ME to co-lead a retreat weekend late in the year. It was a lovely coming home to reunite with old friends, and meet new soul sisters who are leaning into deep personal exploration and supporting other women in the same. What a beautiful homecoming experience it was.

Challenges! The lowlights…

Within a week of my granddaughter’s birth, my ears started ringing. The condition has been a part of my waking experience ever since. For a woman who has grown attached to her daily silence and the gifts that meditation has bestowed, it was an enormous ouch!

Although it has been emotionally painful, it set me on a quest to see if I could recover some silence once again. The quest has led to a variety of healing aha’s, beautiful moments of appreciation for the health I do have, and reclamation of the awareness of the distance I have traveled in this life, to have a really wonderful life, every day. It has also restored my sleep to the best sleep I’ve experienced since pre-menopause days over 12 years ago. Thank you Carey Phillips of Well Into Life for all your healing care. I send another big thank you to Heather Dunning of Fusion Integrated Therapies for your “other worldly” insights to help me shift perspective as I integrated the changes.

I wrapped up the year with bunion surgery on my left foot. Again, my love of mind-body medicine led me to consider what my body was expressing through this imbalance. If you are interested in mind-body medicine, check out my blog - my letter to my foot!

My desire to make a greater impact led me into bringing my work as a Life Coach and teacher into the online world. It’s been a huge challenge! One in which I’ve had to get better at asking for help, develop patience for a new learning curve, and be good with very slow early growth in the business development part. The challenge has been part of following my intuition despite the difficulties, and trusting what feels like the next right steps for me, even when it would be easier to say – the heck with it!

There were many smaller highlights and lowlights along the year’s journey but these are the ones that really have helped me grow, find more joy and peace, motivate me to live more authentically, and to help others do the same.

Now ~

Take a few minutes to create your own. Enjoy the ringing in of 2016 and make time to celebrate in a way that feels really good to you ~ honoring what’s important to you and what you really value. I'd love to hear about your highlights and lowlights – please share in the comments. Let’s celebrate life together and keep growing forward.

Happy New Year to all!