What? A New Name?

Changing our names can represent a rebirth. A new beginning. A fresh start. A new adventure of life. Focusing Inward will be taking a new name in 2015! Our blog will continue to focus on inner life and the power You have to create the life you deeply desire. ~ The power we all have ~

What might the new name be? Any ideas? I bet one of you will guess :) The first one to email me with the winning guess will be mailed a copy of my new book, Courageous Woman next month! Hope to hear from you.

Happy New Year friends and family! I send you deep gratitude and love for connecting with me here. I hold your highest and best life in my heart. May 2015 be a year of transformation and growth for you!


I'd love to know what new beginnings, what new dreams and what new aspects of you that you want to bring forth this year. Please share in the comments below and let's create the world we deeply desire together this year. We can do this <3