What do you want for the holiday season?

Your desire is the key to creating a life that feels good. To sit with your Self, and allow your desires in their fullness, it's important to be still. And in that stillness you travel beyond the layers of conditioning about how the holiday season is to be celebrated, and into the space where your heart can tell you what will fulfill and inspire you. WaitingForSomeoneElse

The most challenging part of all this is the being still with Self. Most of us, particularly women, have been "trained" to shop, wrap, bake, cook, entertain, prepare, organize and trim for the season. All of this takes precious time and energy. After all this is done, who has time to be still with Self, awake and calm enough to hear the pulses from within?

I do. I make time. My holiday season has become a different experience inside me because I have taken the time. I have listened and I have honored my Self. You can too.

With practice I am getting good at creating new rituals and ways to celebrate this time of year. Last night I held my annual solstice event. I sat in a circle of like-minded women, who lovingly held space for me and 17 other women to share what they want, to be still with our Selves for a couple of hours and to acknowledge a part of our inner worlds that is critical for making a fulfilling life.

I love this connection and glowing experience of the season. It's one of my favorite parts of the holiday time. And I enjoy it because I have taken the time. I have listened and I have honored my Self.

What can you do to begin to bring more joy into this season? Give yourself what you want. TAKE some time ~ no will give it to you ~ and listen, be still and honor what you really want. Others lives will be touched beneficially by this process. It may feel like it's just about you, but you help others to do the same. We can liberate one another from the trappings of a season that may feel like it's about consumption and exhaustion.

Let's create the holidays we deeply desire.