Welcome to our New Contributors

As the founder of Focusing Inward, I am so proud to be headlining new voices. Big welcome to Rachel Camfield and Pixie Hamilton! Pixie Hamilton's post last week, Feeling the Ease was a fantastic list of affirmations and an exquisite reflection on being fully home in Self. Pixie is not new to Focusing Inward, she has shared her writing before. Pixie inspires us with her post meditation flow. I am so happy her words are here to support us in our journey inward.

This week Rachel Camfield debuted with her first posting entitled "Anybody Home?". Rachel has a unique, beautiful and fun way of expressing herself. Her growing ability to be still with herself and get into her flow are fully expressed in her writing. Her gems of truth are embedded throughout her fresh voice.

Pixie and Rachel will be featured regularly as time goes on. Both of these women give great voice to the beauty and riches that one experiences through focusing inward. I hope they inspire you to look within, to make a commitment to your Self and grow the joy that life offers. You can read more about them our Our Contributing Writers page.

Both of this month's posting reveal the truth that you can find comfort, guidance and your security by engaging a strong connection with your inner world. You are your most beautiful home and your best guide. Please join us in this wisdom.