Anybody Home?

My heart begins to race, and with a fleeting breath, I squeeze a smile up and out.

This is the moment, the one my mindfulness practice has whispered to me about, and I can sense the choice forming:

Do I get swept into the stream of disingenuous small talk and shallow chuckles, say something I don't mean, lean into a comment that I don't actually agree with


do I take a breath, cognizant that I have a choice in my own response and experience in this moment?

What a challenging place to be. This is all about being brave and aware of choice. It's raw and gritty (and sometimes a little funky). It might be just a flash of time - the quick space in between the breath and the thought - but identifying the internal choice is the first step to honoring your greatest self. In that flash of time you must rally your courage.

I'm learning when my words and actions come from my deep, wise place of inner-knowing, they feel powerful and true. They have meaningful weight, and by saying "yes" to this self-honoring practice, I am able to say "no" to the things that I don't really want to be a part of, like disingenuous small talk.

Recently, in one of these hot and tight moments, I decided to take 5 and reflect. I'm a lover of words, rhythm, and visual representations. I wrote and created a poem to remind me of this sacred space within my body. It is a place that no matter where I am or what I am doing, I can call "home." And the happy news is, it's within each of us, always. Coming home - to this place in myself - has been the key to courageously choosing to be authentically me in challenging moments.

Feel free to download and take with you on your journey. -rachel