Worn out by Trying to Control Life?

As I awaken more deeply into the art of manifestation and abundance, I realize the value of letting go of trying to control outcomes. My method of actualizing what I want happens in a much more magical and fun way! I am so glad I gave up the need to control and manage other people and situations! Years ago, I grew into the role of co-dependent and people-pleaser for really good reasons :) Firstly, I wanted others to be happy! Secondly I wanted harmony around me! Thirdly I wanted to be happy! These are all worthy desires.

What I realized after some counseling and through reading really great self-help books is that only I can make me happy! And only I can create harmony in my environment by living harmoniously inside, and living with others who also want this quality of life.


The secret to manifesting a harmonious and happy life is to discover and master it on your inner world. This means you are clear about what you want and you align your thoughts, words and actions in service to this. You focus on what you can do and not on what others are doing. You align your life with others who want similar conditions and are willing to make efforts until the reality is actualized.

You must express yourself authentically and speak openly about what you want if you are going to create your best life. I'm leading a one day retreat entitled "Find Your Courageous Voice and Be Heard Now" on September 20th. This is a great opportunity to become the conscious, proficient creator of all that want you want by learning the skills of an effective communicator.

Worn out trying to control life? It's exhausting. I remember it well. I'd love to help you discover the magic and fun of owning what you want and making it all come into reality!