How often do you swear? Do you judge others?

Are you using your voice wisely and effectively? If you knew that you were creating your current reality through the words that you utter each moment, would you pay closer attention to what escapes your lips? The more I learn and pay attention to my own personal speaking habits, I become aware of the great power many of us misuse or ignore. Your voice is a powerful instrument of creative force, as is mine. I am working diligently to put mine to the best use I can. My life continually feels more positive and I feel stronger because I challenge myself this way.

Here are a few simple habits you can practice. Experiment and see if anything changes as a result of these new patterns.

* Stop swearing (take at least a 3 week time out). Believe it or not, most people feel at least a little guilt whenever a swear is uttered. Swearing is a random statement of displeasure in the moment, but an indirect version of what you really mean to say. You lose an inner power connection when you swear, and often some credibility. Use specific words to describe your experience more accurately instead.

* Give voice to your gratitude and seek to increase your awareness of the good of your life. You raise your vibration to elevate the positive in your life every time you express appreciation. You attract more positive connections when you express gratitude. Pause and be sure to feel gratitude in your heart and in your energy. Go beyond the words and into the feeling.

* Notice how often you judge others and life. Whatever you are doing now is simply a habit. Most of the time, if you are judging others, you are habitually judging yourself. Judging wears away at self-acceptance and self-worth and this is deeply connected to experiencing the fulfillment we seek. Relentlessly seek to silence your inner judge and hold back judgmental thoughts and words. Withholding judgement challenges you to focus on what you want to create and cultivate instead of focusing on the lack of the experience. 


Those are three powerful practices that can transform your life for the better. I still strive toward more consistency in all these habits, noticing the positive results, the way I feel stronger, more centered, more grounded, more influential, and happier.

If you live in the Richmond area and want to work on elevating your own inner strength, join me on Saturday, September 20th for an intensive workshop to grow your skills and awareness to Find Your Courageous Voice and Be Heard Now!