Mesothelioma- A Post Request

I was graciously asked to participate this summer in a campaign to raise awareness of a disease called Meso-thel-i-oma. I needed to sound it out a few times and practice it aloud more times than that before I could roll it off my tongue. I had never heard of it before. But I did know that Asbestos was a problem and could harm people's health when they were exposed to it. Now I understand more about the disease because someone helped spread the word. I jumped on board.

I wanted to help because it's one of those things in life that really gets me thinking about how some choices just don't make good sense. Some people may still be building with it, even though we now know how deadly it can be.

Here is a flyer that gives you more info about it. I hope this helps inform you so that you can ask good questions about your environment. Education is a good thing :)

Moment for MesoPlease refer to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for more information.