You Can Reinvent Your Life

Do you wake up in the morning excited and eager for the day ahead? If not, maybe you're ready for a reinvention or re-imagination of your life. I've reinvented my life a few times and look forward to at least a couple more rounds as I move through the next decades. Reinvention first requires a re-imagination of the possibility of life. I had a fabulous revelation last month when I seriously contemplated the word "imagination"and it's use. What I realized was that the word "imagination" is like a short version of the expression "in my magic nation". What we do with our minds is amazing! First we imagine what life can be, and then we bring the experience into manifested form through us.

The mind is a magic nation of creative action. It's the land where you are the ruler and participant(s) of the inner world of thought and feeling. You are actually creating all the time, often in an unconscious manner. When you awaken to the power of your mind and heart, you become aware that you can intentionally manifest what you desire through using your imagination, your thoughts and your actions.

Reinvention can awaken new passions, allow new aspects of your personality to develop and bring a juicy new energy into your every day experience. If you are disappointed in life, in how you are engaging in life, maybe its time for a re-imagination - reinvention. Your mind and heart can lead you to amazing new places as you open and allow the energy of desire to work its magic in your life.


If disappointment and faulty expectations are leading your life, time for a reinvention! If you live in the Richmond area, join me this Thursday, July 24th, as I co-lead a workshop entitled "Reinventing Your Life". Meet me at 6:30 at the Goochland Public Library and we'll open the doors for you to explore some new frontier.