A First - Bursting into Tears of Joy and Gratitude

My role has been to remain supportive, humble and encouraging. Your children are the living, breathing subjects of the closest representation to yourself as you can imagine. Yet, they are not you, nor are they necessarily a representation of you. (I include a link to a beautiful poem by Gibran about this very subject for those of you who have not read it.) In time your children grow into adults, make their own choices, and may take a different path. If you are of good fortune, as am I, you will become the best of friends with your children, and their choices will cause joy and gratitude to arise in your being as a way of life. Today I write because I have had a first in my life. When you get to nearly 60 years old and a first arrives, it's a cool day. Today is cool.

I popped onto FB this morning after checking in with email. My sister posted a link to a news article written about my son. Of course, I quickly clicked the link to take in the latest story (there have been quite a few over the years). Lo and behold I was transported into the experience of this journalist, as she came upon my son painting at a farm this spring in Hudson, MA.


My heart opened and the tears welled up as someone else's words captured my thoughts, feelings and the inspiration that runs through me each time I watch my son paint. About halfway through the article, my first arrived. As I read the words she wrote - the very same words I "knew" the day I strolled through The Art Institute of Chicago, I literally burst into tears of joy and gratitude. I share that mutual thought here - "This young man will be in the finest museums someday and he lives in our own backyard."

It took quite a few minutes to regain control (but who wants to in this instance). Quickly the memories surfaced of the two times I had burst into tears in this way, when I learned of the deaths of beloved people in my life. Overcome and overwhelmed with heartfelt emotion, it felt as if I could not contain the flood of emotion. This time it was joy, not grief, that struck - and - wow, wow.

Here is a link to that very article entitled, Discovering Dustin Neece . Enjoy! And I wish you the fantastic experience of bursting into joy and gratitude if you haven't yet experienced that bliss.