The Deepest Commitment

showdreamsWhen you keep the deepest of commitments to the authentic you at the heart of your being, you will be challenged and their will be trials. Who wants these trials? I do.

In order to reach your potential and grow into the version of yourself that you only aspire to be today, there will be pressure to act beyond your comfort zone. Who wants that kind of pressure?

I do.

When you dream a big dream in life, you need to expand to hold that huge vision, and that may be painful at times. Who wants that kind of pain?

I do.

In order to manifest your beautiful visions of the world, you will need to become clear in thought, word, and deed, keeping this alignment in the strictest manner. Who wants that kind of discipline?

I do.

When you commit at the deepest level to the authentic you that wants your dreams to all come true, you have only yourself to look in the mirror and answer to. Did you honor yourself in all that did today?

I did, I do and I will.

I am committing to the big dreams.

What are you committing to and what stops you from manifesting that vision?