Closing the Year at Focusing Inward, A Year of Creating Masterful Habits

As I close the year for this blog, my year of creating masterful habits doesn't end. My hope is to continue on this journey of creating more joyful, more peaceful, more loving, more fulfilling life experiences by aligning our collective words, thoughts and deeds to reflect the passion and desires that lie within each of our hearts. We will go forward and accomplish this as we continue to develop the habits and pattens in our lives that demonstrate listening inwardly and courageously acting on that inner truth. IntheFlow

The greatest habit that I continue to talk about, write about and experience daily, is that of learning to become still and turn towards the inner world. I love hearing about how more and more people are now learning and experiencing the benefits and riches of investing time in this wonderful exercise! What lies within each of us is a gold mine of awareness that has the potential to bring amazing fulfillment to our lives, both individually and collectively. The need to be still long enough to work through the old conditioning and misaligned beliefs remains the greatest foundation you can build for yourself to create a life of purpose and passion.

My masterful habits that have brought me to living a life I love every day include:

1. Sitting still and listening inwardly.

2. Immediately addressing any inner conflict that arises within me.

3. Using every instance where I am upset with someone else to discover what I am trying to control outside myself.

4. Taking full ownership of the state of my inner world and learning more skills to create the feelings I want, as I desire.

5. Taking time to be clear about what I want and able to verbalize it just as clearly.

It's been a fabulous year because these habits have served me to create that fabulous daily experience! The relationship that is key to experiencing exactly what you want lies within you - the relationship with Self! Are you giving your inner world the attention required to manifest what you want?



Next year I am excited to introduce my medicine wheel, BE Your Medicine™ here at Focusing Inward. My intention is to share what I know about living a life of joy and peace and how you too can create the quality of life you deeply desire. You have everything you need within you for this creation. What may be happening is that you are not listening to what your heart desires, you may be driven by old conditioning that holds you back from creating the life you want, or you simply lack the inner connection to power yourself forward to what will bring joy,passion and excitement into your world. My hope is that BE Your Medicine™ will offer you a path to discover that you indeed have the power within to create the life you desire.

Thank you dearest blog readers, for joining with me this year. I am grateful for you, the receivers of these writings, who share with me the desire for experiencing more joy and peace in your worlds too. For now, I am spending the New Year eve and day, communing with my Self to clarify my intentions as the New Year begins, and to listen closely to how my heart guides me into the peace and joy I experience today, and will continue to as the new year unfolds. I invite you to find your peace and joy in 2014!