Intentionally Wrap Up the Year - The Practice of Integrating, Letting Go and Moving On

It's time!!! Time for a wrap this year. Let me offer you a practice that will help you move freshly into 2014 and make the most of 2013. I like to perform this celebration near the solstice, as the darker days peak and the light then begins its return. For those of you unfamiliar with the date, it is December 21st. year end journal Create at least an hour in your schedule for this activity. Do it alone or with others who will participate in the same experience and hold sacred space for you while you are wrapping up the year.

Begin by reflecting on the year that has passed. Move through it event by event, month by month, goal by goal - whatever is the right path to rewind and reflect on what you have and have not done.

List the major aspects of the year that hold important meaning for you. For instance my year will include -

"I am close to completing the first draft of my book."

"I came into strong connection and clarity with the next phase of my work."

"I have come into proper and loving relationship with my health - judgment be gone."

Those are a few examples from my year.

Celebrate your successes. Take time to acknowledge the gifts of these wisdoms in your life. Be happy and joyous for what has passed this year and know that you carry these lessons as your expanding inner wisdom now.

Grieve your losses. Just as beginnings and accomplishments are important aspects of life, losses and endings must be mourned properly. Set aside more time, if need be, for fully grieving any significant losses and endings. For the purpose of the year's wrap-up, include these losses/endings.

Review what you did not do, but wanted to. Reconsider the importance of whatever did not happen or come to completion. Consider what that desire holds for you now. What priority does it hold for you? Is it still part of your vision for the future?

For me it will include -

" I did not complete my book draft. I intend to in 2014. I do not judge or condemn myself for this "late" finish."

"A relapse with hyper-thyroid symptoms caused me to direct my energy for - living well each day, releasing attachment to outcomes, and relaxing into the true flow of my life, just as it."

Identify new dreams and visions for the year(s) ahead. Give yourself time to write a brief unedited vision of what you want for 2014.

Sit quietly and meditate for a few moments. Give thanks for the growth and wisdom you embody as a result of the year gone by. Move through it naturally in the following manner.

gift wrapQuietly embrace the gifts of the year. Acknowledge what they brought into your life.

From the examples I shared above -

"I understand the clarity that is required to write a book. I celebrate my commitment to myself to complete this task that I deem important in my life. I am wiser, clearer, and more focused because of this experience."

"My inner passion to connect with others about how to live a life of joy and peace remains a constant theme. I am regularly energized by this inner fire. I follow the threads of this desire to serve others as I create new ways to share my wisdom."

"Living well and happily is possible because that energy is generated from within me. Despite - and because of -  a health challenge that leaves me not knowing how limited my daily energy will be, I live and breathe the truth of what I am writing. Happiness and peace are a choice - a personal  commitment to a way of life."

Hold these wisdoms in your being as you say them out loud. Light a candle for each one, or create an altar using something to symbolize each pearl of wisdom, or simply keep a Wisdom journal that you might use for reflection and addition to.

Breathe and relax for a few moments, feel appreciation for the year.

Enjoy the feeling of your growth and success, of the clarity you have gained, the gifts you have given to others through your life journey in 2013. Continue in this manner, acknowledging losses, committing to holding your heart open to grieving them properly, to heal well and move forward with renewed energy in time. Feel the feeling of completion and renewal of the experience.

Release the year through breathing deeply. Feel yourself letting 2013 close and dissolve. Renew your energy for 2014 by embracing a new start that includes the endings of the year gone by. Affirm that all is well and that the timing of  every -  yes every - thing in your world is the divine timing for it all. Give thanks for living consciously and intentionally.

Rituals hold great power and energy when done with inner awareness and relaxation.

I'd love to hear about it if you choose to wrap up 2013 consciously! You can post right here in the comments below. Great ideas are meant to be shared :)

"All is well as I let go and move into the natural flow of my life."