An Intentional Health Care Plan

In my world, health care has little to do with western medicine and insurance. For this I am grateful, since both of these systems are struggling presently to serve customers well. Here is my intentional, conscious, empowering health care care 1. Move, stretch and raise my heart rate through aerobic activity on a regular basis. This changes with my daily sense of well-being and energy. I feel stronger in every way - mentally, emotionally and spiritually when I am in touch with my physical body and moving it as it wants to. There is an impulse from within that will lets me know what I need, and I make every effort to remain in connection to that inner impulse.

2. Eat well. Same as above. I sense what my body and being need for food. When I am eating from an emotional place, I crave sweets. When I am in a balanced place, I usually crave nothing. Some particular food may "sound good", and that tends to be what my body needs to function well.

3. Have a monthly massage. I am a very emotional and physical person. Energetically I move a lot through my system and a massage helps me detox from residual emotional and energetic experiences. My natural inclination is to stuff, not to release, so I need support to maintain a movement outward, to release.

massage4. Meditate and self-reflect daily. I enjoy spending an hour in quiet daily, so that is my steady goal. As an introvert, my natural inclination is to be quiet. Daily stillness provides this time and keeps me feeling grounded and centered. Self-reflection is essential for me. I take responsibility for the quality of my life. Reflection gives me the time and space to examine how to "be" the authentic me, in order to create the life I want.

5. Experience alternative health care providers. Most recently I went to an Oriental Medical Practitioner and was prescribed an intense regimen of herbs for 10 days. The herbs didn't taste good, but wow, did they help with my sleeping and overall sense of well-being. I always feel empowered to understand how my body and being maintain health when I visit an alternative provider. These health care agents tend to spend more time with me and they love to share knowledge about how the body heals and what it needs to maintain well-being.

6. Surround myself with mutually loving relationships. I have lost interest in maintaining one-sided, or "care-taking" relationships  with others in my personal world. My personal mission is to help others find their inner power and wisdom, and in so doing serve the world, with their innate gifts. One-sided or "care taking" relationships are not in line with this mission. I know that people are capable of great love and sharing, to accept less means I believe they are incapable.

7. Make every day conscious and intentional. As I live with clarity about what makes me excited and joyful, I realize that bringing this energy to the world is what will serve at the highest level. Healing old wounds, accepting others for who they are, and knowing I create my daily experiences through my choices means I am free to co-create with what is around me in the "best" way I can.

What is your intentional  health care plan? :)