Sharing a Meditation Experience

Meet Pixie. She attended my workshops last year and is on a wonderful spiritual adventure that includes regular meditation. Pixie sent me this delightful email last week. I, in turn, asked if I could share it with the readers of Focusing Inward for inspiration to sit still, to continue their quests to develop a meditation practice. When we have direct experience such as this, it enlivens, invigorates and causes us to feel blessed by Life itself. Thank you Pixie, for this beautiful testimonial to meditation...
"I have GOT to share my meditation with you. Amazing this morning. I usually meditate and then write in my journal whatever comes out. Another pivot towards clarity. God, I love it.
Anyway, I got quiet and envisioned a beautiful ball of light entering my crown, lighting up my third eye, my throat, and then surrounding my heart. It felt warm. I felt it spread through my body and then outside my body. Out. Out. Extending. Going. Out. Spreading far away into the universe. I was in the middle of the universe. An amazing space. I stayed there.
Not sure how long I meditated.
Then I wrote. In my journal. Word for word, this is what came out, fast, too.....(I think in reading it after I wrote it, I would title it "Universal Love"
You grabbed my soul, and now I am embraced by total light. 
My soul feels untouched, sacred. I feel it expand. Out into the universe. I am now in the center, embraced by the serenity and power of the universe.
In this space, I am calm. I am still. I am fulfilled. I am joyful. I have everything I need!
In this space, I am grateful. I forgive myself and I forgive those around me.
In this space, I am authentic to me and who I really am, and I don't care what people think. 
In this space, I am compassionate to myself and I don't need to be perfect anymore...just for the approval of others.
In this space, I don't work, work, work with task oriented action, action, action. Instead, I create joyfully with ease, through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
In this space, I am loving the journey. I don't care about an outcome in this space. I have meaningful work, no longer guided by "shoulds."
In this space, I laugh. In this space, it is easy. 
In this space, I listen. I feel. And I choose based on my feelings because I am divinely guided and they are real.
In this space, I am loved. I am free.
In this space, I have no control. 
That feels good. I like that !! 
Thank you God. And AMEN!!!!!!"