Dreaming Your Life into Being

dream image"Realizing" my dreams is a practice. Here is my practice -

* First I dream, sitting quietly with Self, allowing what I desire to arise from within, to my full consciousness, to be examined and considered, played with in my heart and mind for a time.

* If I purposefully hold the dream or vision, it begins to gather an energy or force from within as I continue to give it attention.

* The more I connect with it, the stronger the energy grows and it becomes a force that wants to "move me".

* Slowly (sometimes rapidly) my daily actions begin to align with that vision. This becomes a purposeful and natural experience. I do not force things, although sometimes I push myself out of my comfort zone. After I have completed a new task, I feel especially good because I know I had to "grow", gaining new skills to make it happen. I didn't let fear stop me. Yay!

* If that dream is held long enough and strongly enough, I realize that vision in my life. Meaning I am now living it in this conscious reality of form. Perhaps it does not appear "exactly" as I imagined, but it does appear. I don't need to "control" the form, I simply do my part and it organizes organically.

We are all dreaming our lives into being. Do you like the dream that you have created in your life? Many of us are dreaming our lives into being unconsciously, sort of sleep walking through life and saying - why is my life like this? When you decide you want something else, and then deeply commit to it, anything is possible. The only way to know this is true, is to do it.

 ~Thanks to Oriah Mountain Dreamer for inspiring this post with her post, "Achieving Dreams".