Love Your Life and Create Joy and Peace in the World

Do you know people who love life? I do. They exude positivity. They are generous with their enthusiasm. They are passionate about what they love and love to talk about it. They are genuinely interested in you and your life. They ask questions and they go deeper than the surface. You feel good in their presence. They inadvertently spread joy and peace. Do you love your life? If not, you can come to love your life. Here is what I know about how to go from feeling sad or frustrated with life, to loving and appreciating every day.

* Learn who you really are. Discover your values, what causes you to feel passionate and excited. Then make sure everything you say and do aligns with this knowledge.

* Do not define yourself or your future by your past. As you learn who you really are, replace all old rules with what causes you to feel like you stand in joy and truth.  Be sure that any of your history that remains in your heart as anger, disappointment or judgment with and about others is healed by actively working through the feelings. Come to peace with it all. Work with a professional if need be until you are at peace with your past.

* Live fully in the present day. Practice focusing your mind in the present moment and engage fully in what you are doing. If you can't, or you resist this, start changing what you are doing until you can really release yourself into the experience.

imagesIf you are in a job or in relationships and habits that cause frustration, disappointment and boredom, it's time for change. Only You can commit to this process, advocating for joy and peace in your life. When you do, when you make this deep commitment to yourself, you will become a powerhouse!