Honoring the Introvert Within

Introvert-images-introverts-14863871-440-293The busier I become in my life, the more I know it is necessary to honor and support the big part of Me that is an Introvert. This can be very difficult in a culture that promotes and rewards extrovert behavior. But it is essential to my well-being and I know it is critical to many others who come to me and don't prioritize the need to spend time alone. As my dreams are being realized, expanding and blossoming - loving family around me and fulfilling work - my "free" "alone" time is dissipating. In order to maintain my positive attitude and ability to give freely of myself, it is essential that I create a routine that fulfills my need for this quiet space and time.

We are all part introvert and part extrovert. The extroverted parts are generally encouraged in our culture and the introverted aspects groomed to be minimized. This is unfortunate because this grooming works against our natural Selves who need communion in quiet. We source critical energy from spending time alone. My creative nature bloomed into full being as I cultivated a quiet time that allowed me to explore what my inner being desired.

Today I had a startling and profound experience. This week I have been having nights of troubled sleep and so am overly tired. Add to this two days of being busy from post-meditation time in the morning until dropping into bed at night. Today I made a decision to pull back from a few activities originally planned for the day. I moved slowly and mindfully throughout the first hours of the day. Then I felt the need to sit and write creatively for a few minutes before I headed out the door for a meeting. In ten minutes of creatively writing, I could literally feel my energy shift and the deep fatigue begin to lift! Wow, it could not have been more clear in that moment how essential to my well-being my creative time has become.

Only I can discover what my deep needs are. Only I can honor what they are and stand up proudly on my behalf and claim what I need to thrive in my life. If you are like me and many of my clients, you too may need more alone and quiet time than your life is structured to provide. Only you can restructure your life to provide this quality of time. It is difficult to stand up and decide You are worth it! But in time, when we do not have enough quiet, it becomes a matter of health and vitality, of happiness and fulfillment. These are universally desired qualities that we often struggle to prioritize but are essential to living a contented life.

Honoring the introvert within reaps daily heaps of contentment and joy in my own life. I consider it my first priority to fulfill because I have learned that in order to live my best life, to walk my talk, to rest my head easily on my pillow at night, and to give freely and abundantly to those I love, I must first honor my own deep needs for balance and health.