Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Your power as a creative force in the world relies in your ability to direct your word, thought, feelings and deeds toward abundance. Your real job today and every single day is to monitor your word, thought, feelings and deeds to determine how to release the many ways you have been conditioned to block the flow of abundance and truth into your life. Many of us are concerned with manifesting wealth and abundance. We want a "secret" to cause us to easily manifest all that we want. If you are still looking for a secret that will suddenly cause you to be rich, free or happy, I hope you will share this simple answer with the rest of us.WakeUpLogoHigh Today my day will consist of -

* Working with others to help create lives of peace and light

* Listening to and reading words that inspire me to pay attention to how I am using my thoughts and energy to create that which I want to see and experience in the world

* And sending love and smiles out to all that I encounter.

I want to see and experience beauty, health, love, flow of communication, intimate connection, joyful faces, peaceful and radiant human beings everywhere I look! Because this is my deep desire - I recognize I will manifest this by embodying it all -

* By living it all right now

* And by consistently monitoring when my thoughts, my feelings, my words and my deeds do not support and align with all that I know can exist and that I am responsible to co-create with my personal energy and power.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Your simple job today is to monitor how you are blocking the flow of abundance, love and truth in your life, and then to get to the business of changing those habits and patterns.

Here is a little education and inspiration if you are truly ready to take responsibility for your piece of the world - your world within! This is an hour-long audio, so if you are willing to invest in you and all that you want today, enjoy!