Are you ready to feel strong and live fully?

Who doesn't want to feel strong and fulfilled? What keeps us from feeling this way? When clients come to me it is because they know that things can be better - they just don't know how to get there. Together we navigate the places within that often trip you up in the course of living and keep you in patterns you don't want. Often it is emotional content that unconsciously drives you into the experiences you don't like or want. Anyone can learn what to do with emotional content that is frightening to address. Gaining skills that allow you to become free of old patterns and habits feels so good!

Let's consider 3 examples of how to grow towards what you deeply want.

1. Fear, anger, and disappointment are three emotional experiences that most of us were not taught well how to navigate. Each one of these energies is a valuable teacher for discovering the life that leads to great fulfillment. I teach you how to tolerate the emotional energy, recognize it as energy to work with. Together we identify and understand the story you are stuck in around this energy that keeps you frozen in "time" and "space" and powerless to move forward in the ways in which your heart and soul truly wants. With time, you move beyond the stuck story and begin a new story of fulfillment.

2. Feeling strong involves the ability to experience the truth of what you are feeling, and know you are more than the stories attached to the feelings. I help you connect with the aspects of yourself that recognize you are more than feelings and stories. Because of conditioning, you may need a guide to help you move through this process in an effective way to connect with your dormant inner strengths.

3. Living wisely entails awareness of emotional energies, learning from them, releasing the energy, and then using your balanced mind to take action. Intense emotion interrupts balanced thinking and productive action. Emotional intelligence involves recognizing emotion for what it is, fuel that can drive your life in directions you love and feel passionate about. Emotional intelligence can be learned and grown through conscious living and practicing the specific skills involved with putting emotional energy to good use.

My successes come when clients share the positive changes that emerge as they test out the new behaviors that they are learning and practicing. Through these new behaviors, they feel powerful and effective in their day-to-day lives. Everyone has the potential to feel this way - it is simply a matter of addressing where you are stuck and how you have been conditioned to stay there. You don't have to stay there.

Are you ready to feel strong and live fully? If so, be on the look out for fear, anger and disappointment. These can be three keys to unlock ways how you may be sabotaging yourself. With a shift in response to these emotions, having what you want becomes second nature.