Confusion as a Useful Path

In the early years of my healing path I enjoyed time with a proficient teacher who shared sage advice from his teacher. In its essence the message is - "Oh confusion - now you are getting somewhere!"IMG_0501 To a person who is feeling confusion, this line can be experienced as a koan. A koan is a brief thought which one poses to the mind that seems not to make any sense. But if the line is held in the forefront of one's mind long enough, it becomes a guiding truth, and a deeper understanding is reached.

I invite anyone who is feeling confused to work with this line. "Oh confusion - now I am getting somewhere." Because when we are certain about life, rigidly holding onto a particular perception of the world, of a relationship, of self, or any other perception, we are headed for a fall. Rigidity equates to death. Certainty that excludes any other possibilities is rigidity. Rigidity feels uncomfortable. Being around people who are rigid in thought (any thoughts) is uncomfortable, especially when we are attuned energetically. Most of us are attuned energetically, but there is a disconnect between energetics and consciousness, thus we feel confused, often dismissing the feelings because we are unable to make sense of the experience.

When I am working with clients and they share a sense of confusion about where they are on their healing path, I exclaim - Great! This outburst is often met with resistance or more confusion. As I explain that confusion is a useful path, that it is a sign of deeper wondering and a search for a new understanding and truth, there is relief.

How do you work with confusion - how do you make good use of the experience? Here are some ideas -

* Relax into confusion by practicing getting comfortable with the experience. (Oh this is confusion - hmmm...)

* Ask yourself lots of questions.

* Become aware of all that you are feeling.

* Watch thoughts as they arise.

* Notice ways you might be attempting to find a rigid answer for the confusion, but resist attaching to one.

* If you are feeling deeply troubled by your confusion, work with a life coach or therapist for a time to help sort through the experience and explore your inner life at a ripe time.

* Let the confusion help you release old out-dated beliefs, fears and old hurts and angers.

* Stay in the state for a time and welcome the opportunity to "not know". In the not-knowing, you join the ranks of seekers, who throughout history have been looking for the deeper truths of life that stand the test of time.

Confusion is an extremely useful path to enlightenment and awakening. It simple takes courage to allow it to open you.