Accessing Your Inner Power Through Breath

Last week Dawn posted about Breathing for health. This week I want to talk about breath as your bridge to access your inner power. Such a simple tool and always available - WOW!

Mastery of your breath is so simple and so deep, so complex and so straightforward!

Do you hear all those paradoxes? That is your breath.

Breathing - essential for remaining alive. Essential for awakening to the deepest truths of life! The simplest to the most complex of experiences!

Your breath is a portal that - WHEN YOU CONSCIOUSLY WALK THROUGH - takes you to places within YOU that are unimaginable with your mind and your consciousness presently. In order to have the experiences you must walk through the portal!

Breathe through the portals within

Do you want to live a life of your dreams, in line with your unique authentic purpose, in tune with your heart and soul's desires? Begin with conscious breathing. Conscious breathing means bringing attention home, to you where your ultimate power and choice await you.

Everything that looks like it is outside you, and out-of-order, relates to something inside you that is out-of-order. Most folks are focused on reorganizing the world around them for change. Instead you can choose to work from a position of authentic inner power. Pay attention, discover, right the inner world  - and the outer world will follow. Nothing can stop this action on your part. You are in charge of your inner world - no one else!