What do you want?

I ask this question as a simple but powerful technique for creating what you want. It may seem simple, but not if you work with it beyond a superficial level.

If you are not ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, do not be surprised if you are chronically feeling like you are NOT experiencing what you want.

Think about experience rather than "stuff". Your conditioning for focusing on material acquisition will get in the way of knowing, truly, what you want.

What you deeply want is connected to life experience, not having stuff.

What do you truly want?

Can you make this shift, experience instead of stuff?

Pay attention and let me know.

Are you stalled where you don't want to be?

Here is an article for flushing out how to go about seeing how you may be too focused on what you don't want and are stalled there in boredom, frustration or just stuck. Movement towards what you do want means change.

Journal about it. Dream about it. Talk about it. Create the experience with focus.