Thinking In The Future Present

Experiment with me! Decide - My income stream, my living situation, and my daily routine are exactly what I want.

Condition thinking - My thoughts are consistently in line with these desires.

Redirect thinking - Although when I look at my bank account, the balance is not what I envision, when I consider the distant between two of my children's homes and mine is 500 more miles than what I prefer, and presently my daily schedule includes about 3 or 4 hours more work than would be my ideal, my thoughts are useless focusing on these facts. These facts, in fact, are my history in my next breath.

Concept - My thoughts create the energy to actualize what I desire.

Practice - Instead of focusing on the present facts with my mental energy, I generate thinking, imagining, and experiencing - actually feeling what it is like when my desires are my truth.

Self-direction - Since I create from my mental energy, as well as my emotional energy, it is essential to have these two energies in alignment, creating a steady and directed flow in my life.

Action flows from beliefs and thoughts - My physical energy - my actions follow the path to this desired reality when I am clear and strong in holding the truth of what I am creating.

Truth - we are constantly creating.

The Real and Essential Question is - what are you creating today and is it what you truly want?

Questions about this experiment? Ask right here :)