Examine Your Present in Search of Your Past

When you are stuck in places that don't work, that cause you frustration and disappointment, upon examination you will find that you are repeating patterns that are connected to old fears, thought patterns, and wounds. In order to successfully live in the present, eliminating how your past controls your present, examine the places in your life that are dysfunctional - not in optimal working order. This thoughtful attention offers useful information about how you are carrying your past into today, how it is limiting you in ways that no longer feel right. Rather that being stuck with the current drama or situation where you feel trapped, instead offer your attention to your own patterns in the situation, the repetitive habits, communication patterns and self-care issues embedded in the situation. By giving your attention to these aspects of your life, you return to the places where your power to effect the situation resides. Today's video is meant to challenge you to be more attentive to your repetitive patterns that create the quality of your present experience.