Offer Yourself Undivided Attention

Do you get the quality of attention that you want from others? One of the biggest wishes that my soul has consistently cried out for is undivided attention from the ones I love. Growing up in a family of five children, receiving undivided attention from one of my parents was special. Because I desire intimacy in my relationships, I have learned how to offer and ask for undivided attention from my closest peeps. Thank you dears! But the thing that truly changed my world forever, was learning how to give myself the undivided attention I want and crave. Sitting with myself quietly, noticing my feelings and thoughts, staying till a deeper place within has been experienced and acknowledged - this undivided attention has given me the gift of knowing what my heart and soul truly desires. Finding my path to fulfilling my heart came about because I gave myself the undivided attention that only I could give to me. Because of this attention I find and create what truly brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

Today's message encourages you to offer yourself the undivided attention you too may be craving. Making the commitment to yourself means you draw more people into your life who also offer this loving attention. It's amazing how it works!

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