Re-Newing Your Power Consistently Part II

Last post I focused on transitioning - how you can re-center consciously within yourself following a transition with renewed wisdom and empowerment. You can read Part I here. Now let's go deeper with this idea :) Birth and death are the major life transitions, the entry and exit points of our lives. It seems we come into the world semi-conscious, evolving into more consciousness, and then we release our consciousness at death. I have come to believe that the process can take a different path than this. This discovery has come through personal experience.

Waking up after birth means slowly growing your capabilities to fully inhabit and utilize the resources with which you have been blessed. By adulthood (around 21), it is assumed that we are mostly awake and grown. How wrong that idea is. Awakening to Self and growing fully is a lifetime journey. The physical part peaks at some point, but the spiritual part goes on endlessly. Many sleep-walk through the spiritual part.

I feel like my waking up and growing didn't begin until the age of thirty. It's as if I was on some automatic pilot until then, semi-conscious and unable to really sit in the pilot's seat of my human machinery. I felt like I had made a bit of a mess in my life in some important ways and it took me time and attention to wake up enough to undo the chaos I had created and re-center myself in a more meaningful and authentic life.

My daily practice of meditation, of sitting still with myself, continuously affords me the opportunity to re-center in the deepest sense of Self. It connects me to a resource within that has informed me of my true personal power. It has called me out on the ways I have misused that power. The inner voice of wisdom has forgiven me and acknowledged my growth so that I act differently today, embodying the wisdom of a life lived with imperfection. It has deepen my connection to life in ways that serve me everyday. I renew my power and re-center in that deep connection to Source energy daily.

Daily meditation practice allows me to find relief from the fear of death. I welcome the opportunity to experience what will happen at that major transition time. Through meditation, I know that my consciousness has power beyond the ordinary thinking and experiencing of daily life. This direct experience through meditation reminds me that I am more that this body that carries me about and houses my soul. It shows me that my awakening presence - when activated with my consciousness in the now, realizing I have the power to create my life quality through aware choice -  is what creates my life of meaning. Now that is authentic power.

Practicing for the last big transition is a great gift of meditation. The renewal of authentic power through daily centering in Self refreshes in ways inexplicable until directly experienced. I invite you to have your own experience :) I am here to help you.