Losing Balance and Re-Centering - Renewing Your Power Consistently Part I

Life is a series of transitions that cause us to lose our balance. When we consciously return to center, we have the opportunity to experience a more powerful sense of Self. When we reflect on how we grew through the latest transition, we re-center in a stronger, more confident Self. Transitions are ripe opportunities for grounding into authentic power! Unfortunately, most of us haven't been taught how to navigate this territory well. This posting offers guidance for transitioning well and re-centering in a newly empowered Self. 1. Acknowledge the transition. Call it that. Learn the skill of observing yourself so you can see what unhealthy patterns lurk in your life when you are off-center. These patterns limit the ability to make excellent use of the transition. 2. Remind yourself during the transition - I am off-balance. Transitions cause us to lose balance. Being off-balance means we become vulnerable (this is scary until we acknowledge it consciously).Generally we are grounded into our life routines, relationships, and roles. Whenever we change one of these things, we alter our center or how we are grounded. Literally and energetically, we are rearranging how we source our daily energy, thus losing balance. 3. Find ways to offer yourself consistent kindness and love, and extra self-care. Because we are vulnerable and off-balance we need extra kindness as we misstep along the way. Kindness goes a long way in supporting self through change. Increasing self-care allows for time to re-center in Self. 4. Notice how the transition changes as time goes on and you move into a new normal. Being aware and conscious of the experience sets you up to move more easily and readily through the new transition, building confidence and competence in transitioning. Transitioning well is a life skill, one you will improve on with practice. 5. Own the lesson(s) that come from the transition. There are always lessons associated with life transitions, the bigger the transition, the bigger the lessons. When you choose to know, to really own, the lesson, you are consciously gathering your life wisdom. This ownership empowers you in every aspect of life.

Having just gone through a big transition, I can attest to the truth that these steps work well. Because I knew that I was going through the transition and kept saying it out loud, it reminded me to be kind, allowing for vulnerability, mine and those around me. I kept reminding myself I was out of routine and a bit shaky because I wasn't sourcing my usual energy supply - my roles were altering and my routine was changing. My being simply felt "off" . Because I was in tune with this, I moved more slowly and carefully through the day whenever I could. Practicing staying in the moment was big, because some moments were difficult and stressful in the new demands that life was delivering with the new experiences. Kindly, I proceeded, knowing I wouldn't be proficient yet because it was all new to me! As the first month passed and the next month began, I could feel the new normal shaping up. I could feel myself centering in the new routine. I could see those around me doing the same. New normal was underway. Sigh of relief. Now I own the lessons that came through this particular transition -

1. Transitions are easier when you make them consciously.

2. I can be kind to myself and others even when I don't have time for extra self-care  - and kindness makes a difference!

3.  Trusting life works. Worry and the need for control over everything melt away as I truly believe that life is organizing in my best interest.

My newly evolved Self holds these lessons in her heart and feels strong and more authentically powerful. I lost my balance, re-centered, and renewed and reconnected to my power. Thank you transition :)

Next week I will be posting a Part II in which I will share re-centering in Self as the practice of staying grounded in spirit. Now that's powerful!