Positive Thinking - YES YOU CAN! by Dawn Jepson

Positive thinking is a subject near and dear to my heart. Along with deep breathing and quiet sitting, it is one of the single most powerful tools I carry with me everywhere I go. After writing a great deal about my own life and personal experiences I thought it was time to take a bit of a detour and share a couple of techniques that I have successfully used both professionally and personally to change my life.

Positive thinking is perhaps the most important step in creating the life you want and for changing the old patterns. It becomes the fuel for getting excited about a new and fulfilling way of living.

Whether you want to become more confident, develop a new skill, be rid of excess weight (emotionally and/or physically) and/or all of the above; thinking positively sets you firmly on your way. Belief in your positive thoughts plays a big part in reaching  your goal.

To get started with this process (and this is probably the most important part) you need to get yourself thinking about what you DO want to accomplish, and let go of what you don’t want. The reason for this critical first step is: what you choose to focus your mind on will be what you move toward. This can’t be stressed enough, so it bears repeating. What you choose to focus your mind on will be what your mind moves you toward. This often happens without you consciously realizing it. We can take charge right now.

What is it that you want to do? Or, what change do you want to make in your life? Perhaps there is something you would like to do differently? Choose one thing. If you are having a hard time maybe you need an example of how to focus on the positive and let go of what you don’t want.

How about this? You want to shed some pounds and you know that not going to the fridge and cupboards would help decrease snacking when you are not hungry. Instead of thinking about not visiting those two spots concentrate on what you want to do instead - read a good book or magazine, pick up a craft or project, call a friend, or go for a walk.

If you are having any trouble with this shift, it’s okay. Maybe you are like many people who find themselves thinking more about what they want to stop doing, rather than what they really do want in their life. If you are doing that, or are thinking negatively in any way, stop right now and sweep those thoughts away. That’s right - imagine a big, huge, push broom. Take that broom and sweep away any thoughts about the things you don’t want. And while you’re at it sweep away any thoughts that say, “I can’t.”

Now think about the thing you DO want to be doing. Go ahead, pick one really positive item you would like to change or bring into your life. Remember that this must be about you - not anyone else. You can’t get Aunt Sue to stop smoking by visualizing it, or your teenage kids to clean up after themselves either.

This technique of positive mental imagery is for you to use on you.

Now you are ready to let yourself begin imagining that you are doing or changing what ever you’ve chosen. That’s right, in your imagination, see yourself, feel yourself and even hear yourself making whatever change you’ve chosen to bring into your life. This is your positive imagery! From now on your goal is going to be to get yourself to replay this positive imagery as often as you can throughout the day. It is especially important to get it in place ahead of time so that you are ready if any negative or self-defeating, “I can’t do it” thoughts rear their ugly heads. Your positive imagery will combat the negative thoughts.

Another helpful practice is to choose a simple mental phrase that represents your faith in yourself, like; “I can do it,” “I am accomplishing this goal,” or “I am worth the effort and have the ability to stick with it.” If these phrases don’t work for you, create your own. Just remember to be positive! Combine your positive mental imagery with your simple positive phrase and you are off and running. Try it and find the change happening in your life … almost magically.