Taking Charge of Your Life

Who is in charge of your life? Are the old beliefs passed on from generations before you running your world? Are the old habits and thought patterns adopted by you as you were being conditioned to be the citizen, student, productive employee, or "what ever role" - driving the energy of your day? My post this week was going to be a bit more personal but suddenly I read two wonderful blogs Wednesday morning and they inspired me to ask you questions. Since we are on a mission this year to clean up outdated habits and adopt more effective life-affirming ones, I am posting these thoughts today.

My first sharing relates to this blog posting called "Don't Wait - Quarterback Your Own Paradigm Shift". I highly recommend this blog. It's fun and full of spiritual wisdom.

One of the phrases I use often with my clients is experiencing a paradigm shift. This kind of shift is potent in transforming your life and finding your authentic power. Paradigm shifts happen as we question, and where necessary, release old beliefs (which are really non-truths for us) about life's rules and workings.

For instance, if you were taught to always be respectful of authority and not question those "in charge", it may be difficult to toss old rules that do not work for you. The paradigm shift would become - do not automatically adopt the rules of those in authority, and create a new rule to live by, like - decide if the rules fit with your philosophy of life, your value system and your life mission, and then decide if it is a rule you will live by. This opens up a new way of thinking, a new way of perceiving how the world is operating, and an opportunity to discover your inner truth and authority. When I released the rule of always following the rules of those in authority, I found myself tuning into my inner truth, discovering a deeper life truth and living by more compassionate and honest life rules. It was a powerful paradigm shift to toss out that old rule and live by one that pushed me to become more self-reliant and integrate my true beliefs and my actions.

Are you in need of a paradigm shift? Here are some questions to ask yourself and if the answer is yes to any of them, a paradigm shift will serve you well -

* Are you often frustrated in your work and with those who you have to answer to?

* Do you speak with disappointment, frustration or anger about your past and family of origin?

* Do you feel generally disappointed about life and your lifestyle?

The masterful habit is to create your paradigm shift by consciously choosing and living by your own beliefs and values. The ones that you feel in your heart and soul.

My next sharing relates to another blog I read by one of my favorite inspirational writers, Oriah Mountain Dreamer. In this particular posting she talks about eating less sweets and breaking an unhealthy pattern in her life. Well - surprise! I am doing the very same thing as part of the change I desire in my life this year. I know I have been attached to sugar in ways that I no longer want to be. Her posting came at the perfect time for me. It was like a friend from afar said - good for you, and I join you in your mission of deeper understanding. Thanks for being a virtual life sojourner Oriah.

What I have discovered in the past year with all the changes I have made, all the growth I have experienced and through my clarity of intention is this  - the information and sharing on the internet keeps supporting me in every endeavor I undertake with valuable information and encouragement. Your encouragement is out there too! If you decide to take charge of how you spend your time and become clear in what you want, you will find all the resources to actualize your desires. It's all there, it's a matter of making the connections.

The second masterful habit is to limit what your mind absorbs by choosing wisely from the information and entertainment overload that is available now. 

Are you taking charge of your life in what you are reading and watching through television and the internet? There is a wealth of information at our fingertips now - are you choosing wisely and in support of what your deepest desires are? Or are you entertaining your mind with screen"stuff" that gives you no real nourishment for what your soul craves? It's your decision to make and only you can feed your heart and soul. Take charge and choose wisely.