A Clear Slate, Now Decide Consciously

I like to think of the year as a clear, clean slate, like the sky just beyond these tree branches in this gorgeous photo. You will create a year of experiences that will tell a story of your life for the next 365 days. What do you want that story to tell? Deciding consciously alters your story significantly. First recommendation and power habit of the year - decide consciously. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Reardon

Giving thought to what you want your story to tell begins moving your creative energy towards what you want. It causes you to set clear intentions for the next period of time. It helps you flush out self-limiting and useless patterns and habits that create your life today.

That is my intention for the year to come. The focus is on supporting you to further become the powerful creator of your life by sharing powerful life habits with you. You can craft the life of your choosing - if you become a conscious and intentional life force.

Did you receive my first post of the year? It was empty and that was no mistake. Your life is like this - there is nothing - until you create it.

Are you ready for conscious creation yet? I hope so. We are here at Focusing Inward! Let's dream our lives into being with a collective energy that says Yes! to our deepest desires.