The Vibration of Gratitude - Laurel's Monday Message 12-24-12

Do you need more ideas and encouragement to activate the powerful vibration of gratitude in your life?  Do you want to rapidly change the quality of your life? Are you not yet convinced of the power of this incredible emotion? The key is feeling gratitude. Not simply stating or writing things you are thankful for, but stimulating the sensation of gratitude. This is a powerful shift for reorganizing your life in the ways you deeply desire. The vibration of gratitude is expansive, high and inviting. On an energetic level it sends a message - more of this please! And so it will be! In today's message, my friend and colleague, Coco Krissey shares her innovative gratitude journal using her iPad. But you don't need an iPad for gratitude journaling - just a commitment to experience how daily gratitude journaling enhances the quality of your life. It is a fabulous way of stimulating the vibration of gratitude - the secret to the actualization of your dreams as well as feeling good every day!

If you need more video fuel to start that gratitude journal, here is a link to a snappy delivery by Marie Forleo about how gratitude can change your life.