Wake Up from Your Trance! Laurel's Monday Message, 12-10-12

Ready to wake up from your trance and into your personal power? Are you one of the masses that walks about in a trance - I call it a cultural trance - not questioning the habits and patterns in our culture that are simply self-destructive as a global community? So many of us have been lulled into a strange paradox of security in the status quo, and the status quo being frightening in many respects. You know - the edge of economic collapse because of huge debt, ignoring the signs of environmental toxicity, and religious intolerance to name a sampling. If you refuse to be a drifter any longer, as Napoleon Hill calls it in his book Outwitting the Devil, then now is the time to wake up from the cultural trance and reconsider your habits and patterns. This shift will set you on your path to reclaiming your power. Today's message offers you a few ideas about how to shift your practices, wake up from your trance and become more authentically You.