Be Clear About Your Intentions, Laurel's Monday Message 12-3-12

Being clear about your purpose and intentions makes you powerful. We feel powerful when we are realizing what is in alignment with our values and desires (the desires of our highest self). Realizing is the key word. We make life real - we create our reality. Sure, life is going on around us and we are engaging with the world beyond our individual circle of life. But when you sit and contemplate how the world radiates around you, you can imagine more clearly just how central you are to life - as it radiates from you. Once you become aware of this, perhaps it is more critical to take seriously your part in the equation of life as you know it. Your sphere is important. When you create from a place of clear intention and purpose, you become aware of just how powerful you are. Today's message offers a book recommendation for understanding just how important being clear about your intentions is.