An Afternoon of Joy

My life continues to be one day after another of joy and pleasure. I choose this consciously, every day.

Yesterday was preparation for the holiday day. My husband and I made a final run to the grocery store together. We love to enjoy this "gathering of the goods" with one another. Ceremonially I made the coffee cake that I have been making for 40 something years for the holidays. I also got a jump on cookie making and baked Chocolate Drop Cookies, my grandmother's recipe, because I knew they would be a great addition to the desserts. Together my husband and I made a pumpkin pie, he makes the crust, I prepare the filling. I prepared beets, and a beautiful butternut squash that my sister brought to me for the holidays. Cooking feels like art when it is done with love and in full awareness of the blessing and nourishment that the food offers, both physically and psychically. As I worked in the kitchen I excitedly anticipated the arrival of my family. My loved ones pulled into the driveway late yesterday afternoon after a long day on the road to travel to me. I was thrilled to see them!

My heart beat with joy yesterday as I prepared for this time with my family. Knowing what I cherish, what makes my heart sing, is a blessing that I have taken the time to give myself, creating a life that allows my joy to emerge through the activities in which I engage. I work hard during the week. Because I love the work I do, my work is also a joyous experience. Because I make it so.

I wish this blessing for everyone who is ready to claim a life of daily bliss. How do you wish to engage with life so that joy will flow through your being regularly? This is one of the secrets to a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Learning to create the conditions in your daily life so that joy runs through your being often. As we move into the new year and time of rapid realizations, the more people who choose this way of living, the more healed and loving will be the world we experience every day. I am here to help you find that joy.

Happy Thanksgiving all :)