Effective Medicine

I dispense effective medicine in every session I have with clients. This is the basis of what it looks like: * Feel your pain * Tell your truth * Consciously move onto the path of self-love and discovery

I create a sacred space for this to happen and become a conduit for this to take place. Most people who come to me are in a spiritual crisis or crisis of meaning. They have found me because I experienced a profound crisis of meaning (at a fairly young age) and they sense that mirroring of self in me. In time I found effective medicine. Later in life I trained in the healing arts and developed my unique way to dispense effective medicine. My life purpose is to communicate this medicine with others.

As I lay awake in the early morning hours this day (or would 2:30 - 5 really be late night?), I was contemplating my work and it's development and the delivery of my work to those who want effective medicine. Because I am more healer than business person, but also because I am extremely practical and analytical, the merging of helping people while simultaneously growing myself as a person in business, are an interesting intersection in my life right now. More on this as I reveal my intentions in the weeks ahead. Let me stay focused in the present for this writing.

I have been delighted to have my sister, Dawn Jepson, join me in writing at Focusing Inward. We decided that for a time we would focus on addictive patterns, the escalated form of these patterns - addiction, and how to actively heal from this rampant cultural ill. Between the two of us, we have more than fifty years of focused attention to this particular dis-ease of the world! That's an awful lot of personal experience, attention and healing.

Addictive patterns are those we employ to avoid dealing with feelings and thoughts that we don't know how to deal with or manage. One of the most popular addictive patterns today is television. Although here I date myself a bit. Television and the computer are providing the same kind of distraction today. What is the ultimate solution for dealing with feelings and thoughts that we don't know how to deal with or manage? What is the effective medicine for this illness of inner unrest? Learn the skills to address feelings and thoughts pro-actively. I like to think that this is what brought us into the energy age. This is our time for acknowledging the energetics of our being. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies are continuously moving within us. How we work with those energies is essential to our well-being.

My particular struggle with addictive patterns began early in the form of co-dependency. I wanted to save my family! Misguidedly, I hoped that if I was good enough and helpful enough, that other people's troubles would get better. Thankfully, I learned by my early thirties, that was not how life worked. People's troubles get better when they decide to do, what usually is the very difficult and painful work of self-discovery, and  then organize their lives to support a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. When they become committed to that process, with the right kind of help, they learn self-love and develop a passion for living. I walked this path of pain and struggle to find my way to self-love and passion for life. I love helping others do so as well.

How I help others is by allowing them to consider the ways their life is out of balance, unfulfilled, and/or disturbing to them. I help them state their inner truth, to acknowledge their immediate experience in its totality. Together we discover a new sense of self that makes sense of the unrest. I am not a trained doctor of western medicine, therefore I will not be writing any prescriptions. When we go for medical treatment, normally it is because the illness has presented itself in the physical body. In my understanding this happens to be the final place of presentation. My beliefs tell me that our emotional, mental and spiritual ills are working themselves out through this material plane of existence collectively. Since the last place of presentation of imbalance is the physical body, addressing emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances pro-actively is wise medicine.

The ineffective medicine of the day is addictive patterns. Addiction is the escalation of addictive patterns to the place where more intense and specific treatment is required. The addictive patterns that we have developed in our culture circumvent our deeper desires to feel our pain in bearable ways, to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. In order to experience effective medicine, acknowledging that we desire the strength and compassion to feel our pain and that we want to be seen, heard and loved, must be accepted from within. This is the beginning. Many get here in crisis of pain.

The effective medicine that I suggest can happen in myriad of ways. There are groups to join where truth is welcome, journaling un-editedly, one-on-one help, endless self-help and philosophy books to offer new perspectives, and the internet is loaded with guidance, help and connections to make. This is a sampling of the possibilities. Each of us must choose individually how to step into a life of fulfillment and joy.

I know no way of getting around this process of effective medicine to discover a life of joy and freedom from within. Because I am constantly on the look out for the latest in self-help and healing, I will be sure to get the word out as best I can if some other more direct and effective medicine is discovered. Today I suggest -

* Feel your pain * Tell your truth * Consciously move onto the path of self-love and discovery.