The Power of Voice

Your voice is intimately connected to your authentic power. The ability to express clearly and honestly your current experience is often what helps others most. In relationship, I am the expert of me and you are the expert of you. It's quite simple and powerful when we allow this truth to enter every experience we have where we engage with others. As a Life Coach who helps individuals become more intimately connected with their inner truth and power, I often give feedback about what is coming up for me when we are in session together. I say things like - * As I was listening to you I suddenly felt.......

* While you were sharing I kept having this image pop up for me.....

* While you were talking I started feeling.... and these words kept pressing in my mind.

My experience while in the company of another can be vital information to them for opening up some place, knowledge or energy within them that they had previously been disconnected from. Their inner wisdom is always waiting there, we are seeking the path to making the connection. This is the dance of all relationships, and how we support one another's growth and personal experience.

Some questions for you today -

* How are you using your voice? Are you willing to share you immediate experience?

* Do you notice when you are using your voice and it becomes uncomfortable when you are speaking outside your realm of authority? Gossiping is a great example of this, a cultural pattern in which we have desensitized ourselves to the discomfort that arises when we engage in this harmful behavior.

* Are you paying attention to what you spend your time talking about? Taking inventory of this often allows for conscious change more rapidly.

* Are you connected to the truth that your voice is creating your reality in many ways? This is often a hard truth to sit with because it means we move into taking full responsibility for what comes from our mouth, noticing that words have consequences.

Your voice is a source of immense power. How are you using that powerful tool today?

We will be using our voices here at Focusing Inward to begin to shine a spotlight on addictive patterns in the culture and how we can support one another to not fall into the trap of self-defeating and life draining patterns. Join us by leaving a comment about what you are seeking support with in changing. Our intention is to share our inner worlds, and make it safe to do so as a community. Your voice is important too!