Life is a Journey - Where are You going?

Life is a journey, the more conscious the journey, the more likely you will arrive. Where am I going on my journey? I know where I want to go, and I am there every day now! Does this make sense to you? It will if you get on the Conscious Life Journey. The more consciously I choose, day in and day out, the more I experience exactly what I want and what I know I am meant to be here doing. I have paved the way and I love to help others down the path of living the life they deeply desire.

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider if you are ready to take the Conscious Life Journey.

* You must be willing to be rigorously honest with yourself. Getting to your real inner truth may take a little time.

* You must be willing to risk. Risk feeling a broken heart, risk ending relationships, risk finding the work you truly love and leaving what you know, risk changing the status quo around you and upsetting the apple cart for a time.

* You must be willing to commit to Yourself. This is huge! My greatest challenges have been following through acting on what I say I want when other people's needs and wants arise and appear conflicting with what I have committed to in my heart.

* What you will receive in gifts far outweighs any of your expectations or hopes. The risk and commitment lead to more amazing experiences, revelations and joy than your conscious mind can imagine right now. You will see.

* You must let go of managing the details of the journey and focus on your part. Mostly we have been conditioned to control what is around and outside us. This journey requires a reconditioning to learn the art of letting go, but remaining active in your experience.

Sound intriguing and frightening? Good! Then you are ready for your Conscious Life Journey. The first step is saying yes. The next is acting on something your inner voice has been speaking for you to do. It doesn't have to be an enormous life-altering act, although it can be. But it must be something you have sensed you must do, but have continued to set aside. The time has come to say yes to You, making a commitment you long for at the deepest core of your being.

The Mountain Journey

Say yes, and act on something you have been trying to ignore. Are you ready?