Chasing Fear Instead of Running from It

As I continue my journey into expanding my business life, I have developed a new habit - chasing fear. Sound strange? Maybe. I will share with you my secret about this. Okay, it's not a secret. But it is a secret weapon of the spiritual warrior. What do I mean by chasing fear? I am on the look out for all the subtle and not so subtle ways my being is registering and sending fear messages. Through this attention to the subtleties of my being, I often discover fear when I am aware of any resistance I am experiencing. Resistance has been one of my ways of coping with fear. I know that as soon as I start resisting life, I cut myself off from the flow of energy that supports me and can guide me in important ways. I am learning to stop resisting. I do this by noticing the way I am moving away, or tightening or shutting down and then I relax into my being. Then I chase the fear. Because the underlying fear is what my deeper beliefs are based in. When I find a fear, I can then actively work on replacing an old belief with a new updated one that resonates with my deeper self and wisdom.

How is this a secret weapon as a spiritual warrior? I am aware that I am a spirit inhabiting a body as a human with incredible opportunity to learn and grow and understand what it means to be a powerful life force, working in harmony with all that is around and within me. I cannot and will not be able to access my inner strength, authentic power and gifts if I am driven by fear. Fear will stop me from connecting to a deeper aspect of myself, to others, to any opportunity that means pushing myself into greater aspects of growing. My natural fear of the unknown, my conditioned fears that are personal to my life experience thus far, and the normal fears of stepping outside my comfort zone will all pose barriers to realizing my deepest dreams.

Today I choose to be a spiritual warrior, walking the earth in compassion and courage, learning to embody joy regularly and allowing fear to wash readily through my being. This is my daily practice.

As fear becomes my friend,

courage becomes my virtual assistant,

and more than I ever dreamed possible

becomes my reality.

Laurel Holland