Leadership from Within - Laurels' Monday Message 9-10-12

The leadership skills that I promote emerge from a strong inner sense of Self. These skills demonstrate with every word spoken and every action taken, that "I am a person of integrity". This embodies rigorous self-reflection, a clear understanding of personal values, and the courage to act consistently on those values, contributing to the world in respectful and meaningful ways. Are you frustrated with the quality of leadership in the world today? As the presidential campaign heat's up, I am once again supremely saddened by the choices made by government leaders to use fear tactics to gain support. It has inspired me to remain steadfast in my mission to help others become leaders of their own lives!

I hope today's message inspires you to deepen your commitment to become the leader of your life. If you make that commitment and keep it, then I know the world will be enlightened with your inner wisdom and personal passion.