What Defines You?

My journey from defining myself as a sad person to a creative and natural-born leader has been an amazing adventure.

The experience hasn't been easy and it hasn't been fast. Thankfully so, because I would have missed so much if it had been a condensed, abbreviated version of finding the real ME within, and then taking her out to play in the world! The longer, slower, more conscientious journey has offered miraculous gifts. I treasure these gifts daily.

Perhaps this is why I love my work so much. I love being a witness and a guide as others willingly sit with their difficult emotional states, their confusion and any resistance. I love holding sacred space between us, where it is safe to explore the sometimes painful truths of life. I love to be the strong, consistent voice of love, echoing again and again, it's okay, it's all okay. You are so much more than this confusion, this pain or this struggle. Believe me, I know. I know because I discovered that I am so much more than the sadness that defined me. Stay with me. You will discover more too.

The gifts I treasure today, bestowed from within, as I journeyed deeply into my inner world and found more than sadness include:

* A sadness that dissolved into compassionate understanding of the pain of humanity

* An inner strength that was carved from the emotional fortitude of bearing a profound sadness about life

* An infinite hopefulness in the face of any discouragement as I learned to commit to Self

Exquisite relationships that resonate the truth of mutual interest and respect

* Meaningful work that calls on me to serve in ways that cause me to feel profoundly fulfilled

* An inner peace that I connect with regularly, reminding me that I am infinitely more than any passing challenge

* Creative energy that continues to surge in new and exciting ways as I act on my inner guidance.

What is defining me these days is compassionate understanding, emotional fortitude, infinite hopefulness, Exquisite relationships, Meaningful work, inner peace, and Creative energy.

That's quite a shift after 30 something years of letting myself be defined by my sadness. Join me. Discover your self-definition that brings joy to your life every day. Don't wait another moment.