A Letter to Myself, A Sample of Putting Mental Energy to Good Use

Dear Laurel,The world is changing rapidly. You are living in a time when many people feel afraid and confused when the structures that they have relied on do not feel so supportive and secure. You were given a gift when you learned to look inward for the structure of your life and for your greatest support.

Our economic world is based in great debt today. This means we will be moving either more deeply into debt or making conservative and thoughtful decisions to regain balance, paying back what was overextended. This must be considered in the personal as well as the global, for whatever is happening in the world at large, is also being mirrored in our individual lives. Laurel, be conscious about your finances and your choices. Be thoughtful, do not overextend today.

Our world is experiencing Mother's Nature's attempts to rebalance this self-regulating planet we call Earth. As humans, we have collectively lost our intimate connection to the planet we call home. We have forgotten that we are a part of the Earth and the stewards of this incredible resource. Laurel, do not take any of your resources for granted. Remember, every day, to acknowledge the gifts you have received - your food, the light you read by in the evening, your clean water, the opportunity to purchase vitamins and all the goods that enhance the quality of your life each day. Bless your home by giving thanks and being conscious of your choices.

Our world is not one of peace for everyone. On the other side of the globe, many individuals live in fear of their personal safety. On the streets of many of our cities in my country people are afraid for the violence that can break out at any moment. Although women are finding new freedoms everyday, many women are still considered property in other countries and treated with disrespect and disgrace, as are many children. Laurel, remember to cultivate peace in your heart every moment, stop any self-violent thoughts and judgment of others. Laurel, you create peace from the inside out. Breathe and embody only harmonious thoughts. Infuse the world around you with the abundant love you have discovered through your own healing journey.

Fear is the great enemy. Remember to always be on the look out for how your fear can sabotage your life. Do not fight others, fight fear and violence by putting an end to it within, and supporting everyone you make contact with to do the same. Laurel, never forget how disempowering it feels to be afraid, how weak and vulnerable you are when fear has organized your life. Remember when others are acting out in violent and judgmental ways that fear is the great enemy - fear has somehow become the driving force and you cannot fight fear with fear. Fear must be fought with love, security and passion. In surrendering to my deepest nature I discovered the endless pool of compassion that can stand up to fear.

Laurel, you are blessed this day. When you live harmoniously and with love, you cultivate that. Continue the process and remain open-hearted and kind. All is well, Laurel

An encouraging letter to self can be a supportive and comforting gesture. Here is an example of living in gratitude and conscious choice. Feel free to share your own.