Bloom Where You Are

My sunflowers are blooming. I am always fascinated by how they face directly towards the sun, turning as the sun glides across the sky. This year I have a sunflower that has grown in a pot with one of my patio tomato plants. We used some of our homemade compost for planting our potted vegetable plants this year. I guess one of the bird's sunflower seeds landed in the compost, and then was transferred to the pot. This radiant blaze of yellow is a burst of sunshine itself, reaching towards its source. Enjoying my sunflower this morning led me into thoughts about how we are all reaching towards our individual sources of sustenance. Musing about what sustains me these days, I am aware of how this changes as I grow. Remembering my move to Virginia four years ago, I needed quiet and stillness to sustain me and create my well-being. I wanted time with my husband as we began our day-to-day life together. My time with my children became precious, a motivating factor for organizing my life, as I realized the special quality that these relationships held for my well-being. My desire to write emerged as these other areas of my life were fulfilled, eventually leading me to this blogging, as well as a renewed quality to my Life Coaching practice. Today, my sustenance comes through the creative aspects of my work, through my daily meditation practice and spiritual growth, and - of course - through the glorious relationships with my husband, family and friends. This is where my being (imagine a big sunflower right now :)) turns to be sustained - today.

Consider playing with these questions this week - What sustains you? What do you naturally turn to for growth and renewal? What is your being drawn towards from the inside out? How can you discover what would sustain you more deeply if you are feeling flat about life?

Questions to ask for guidance about needed changes are - What causes you to feel tired and drained? Who are you continually in conflict with? What do you often wish you were not doing that is part of your regular routine? What do you dream about doing but do not act on?

Growing a life that we deeply love and are excited by, happens as we are sustained at a core level by the life we live today. When life is simply draining to us, it is difficult to become excited or be in touch with what our deeper desires are.

Organizing life to sustain well-being begins with focusing on the basics of food, rest and exercise. With these basics covered, we develop an energy that will naturally pull us towards the next level of fulfillment and sustenance. Next we examine how work, relationships and recreation sustain our well-being, or conversely, drain us. Changes made slowly and thoughtfully often serve us best. Taking time to discover deeper needs that may be unconsciously pressing from within, but not necessarily available to our awareness, becomes natural with practice and attention. When we are distracted by the basic needs, or by self-created chaos that keeps us "safely" away from change and taking full responsibility for our life, it is difficult to hear the voice from within that speaks wisely.

Today, as you consider what you want to turn towards, notice where the urge is coming from. If it is coming from deep within, you will be headed towards a life that deeply satisfies. If you are stifling anxiety or avoiding facing your fears, you will find yourself in an endless loop of avoidance and inner disturbance. Finding what sustains and nourishes equates to blooming where you are. But the key is discovering what is calling from deep within that seeks nourishment - in today. Are you listening?