Laurel's Monday Message 6-11-12

Last week in my Monday message about using your breath as a portal to your inner world, I considered the idea of your inner world as a place of treasures - for you. This week let's think of breath as your tool to calm any anxiety you have about exploring your emotional life in more depth. Many people move away from emotional content through denial or distraction, handicapping themselves in life. One of the biggest hindrances to creating the life we deeply desire is inability to tolerate emotional content as it arises and use it as fuel to take healthy action towards what we want. It is the distressing inner messages and conditioning about what happened when emotions came up in our history (or right now), not the emotional content itself, that causes us to be all bound up in ourselves and stuck where we don't want to be. Click here for today's Monday message about the path to unbinding from emotional intolerance and confusion.