What are you looking at? Be honest now...

Consciously directing our attention is essential for developing the life we deeply desire. Redirecting attention to what is worthy matures with consistent practice. Consistent practice is key. As you acknowledge what you desire, place your desires next to what you are placing your attention towards daily. Do they match up? Do you want joy in your life? If so, then practice bringing your attention to that which causes joy to arise in your being. Do you want understanding? Then give yourself attention and time until you understand yourself fully. Surround yourself with people who are part of your chosen tribe. (Tribe = like-minded folks who appreciate who you are and share common values.) Do you want loving relationships? Then you must, you absolutely must, say no to cruel or disrespectful people, and turn your attention to those who offer love and support. Do you want peace of mind? Peace of mind is found within your own being. The inner well of divine peace is discovered when you consistently place your attention inwardly, towards the heart (not the head). The peace is there, it is simply a matter of discovery.

What do you want? Do you know? The answers reside in your heart. The answers in your mind usually disappoint when those desires are met, or the satisfaction is fleeting, leaving one in a loop of chasing the next thing and then the next thing. When we are living the life our heart desires, we experience joy regularly. Joy becomes a way of life. This is not the cultural norm. But we, collectively, can make it the cultural norm.

What are you looking at - where is your attention? Be honest, completely and brutally honest with yourself. You are in charge of your own attention. Only you can take your conscious mind and direct it toward that which your heart desires. This is a practice - a practice that grows the life we deeply desire, with consistency and dedication of our attention.

What is stopping you today? Let's break down those barriers :)